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How far can a 30 lb recurve bow shoot?

How far can a 30 lb recurve bow shoot?

Capabilities Of Different Draw Weights - What Can You Do?Contrary to what most people think, a 30 or even a 25 lbs. draw weight is more than enough for recreational target practice. If you have the aim for it and your 

Poundage: how heavy does a recurve bow need to be?Feb 1, 2019 — With modern limbs, you can get to 70m with a lower poundage than ever before – although reaching 90m or 100 yards effectively still often Archery by the Numbers: Measurements You Should KnowAug 1, 2017 — Recurves and longbows have incrementally heavier draw weights the farther they're pulled. The standard for determining their draw weight is 

Is 100 ft. to far for a 25 or 30 lb bow. | Archery Talk ForumSep 14, 2009 — My wife shoots a 30 lb recurve (Diamond Infinite Edge) and can hit 50 yard targets pretty well. But 60 yards was past the end of her sight 

Sort of embarrassed at my local outdoor range. Do I need a Nov 7, 2018 — You should be able to shoot out to about 50-60 yards with a 30 lb bow. There are numerous people at my club shooting at 50 metres with 30 lb How far can an average recurve bow shoot?Jan 2, 2014 — When we did our clout shoot the guys went all out for distance one end. Guys pulling 40lb recurve with carbons got to about 260 to 280 yards. My 

How Far Can A 50 Pound Recurve Bow Shoot? - BowAddictedJun 11, 2022 — In terms of the maximum distance, you can achieve with a recurve bow, this tends to be in the range of between 280 and 300 yards. Keep in mind, How Far Can A Recurve Bow Shoot? - ArcheryMindWhile the effective range for recurve archers is typically between 20 to 35 yards, compound archers can typically shoot between 30 to 40 yards, and some 

How far can you shoot with a bow of 30 pounds draw weight?Jun 19, 2019 — Based on these figures, we might guess that using a typical modern 30# fiberglass recurve bow, an average archer bow might be able to cast an arrow between 150 How Far Can Recurve Bows Shoot? - The Body TrainingThe world record for the furthest recurve bow shoot is well more than 400 yards. Getting such long shots is almost definitely down to the custom arrows and bows 

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